Arizona Revised Statutes

A.R.S. Title 36


36-2801        Definitions
36-2801.01    Addition of debilitating medical conditions
36-2802        Arizona Medical Marijuana Act; limitations
36-2803        Rulemaking
36-2804        Registration and certification of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries
36-2804.01    Registration of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary agents; notices; civil penalty; classification
36-2804.02    Registration of qualifying patients and designated caregivers
36-2804.03    Issuance of registry identification cards
36-2804.04    Registry identification cards
36-2804.05    Denial of registry identification card
36-2804.06    Expiration and renewal of registry identification cards and registration certificates; replacement
36-2805        Facility restrictions
36-2806        Registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries; requirements
36-2806.01    Dispensary locations
36-2806.02    Dispensing marijuana for medical use
36-2807        Verification system
36-2808        Notifications to department; civil penalty
36-2809        Annual report
36-2810        Confidentiality
36-2811        Presumption of medical use of marijuana; protections; civil penalty
36-2813        Discrimination prohibited
36-2814        Acts not required; acts not prohibited
36-2815        Revocation
36-2816        Violations; civil penalty; classification
36-2817        Medical marijuana fund; private donations
36-2818        Enforcement of this act; mandamus
36-2819        Fingerprinting requirements